Cool Google Assistant Tips and Tricks You Should Know

You should already know something about Google Assistant. Google Assistant is one of the best creation of Google. Its lot like an Artificial Intelligence. More like a personal assistant. An upgrade to current Google Now. You can ask a question and follow-up questions, and Assistant will track the conversation, determine context, and audibly respond with the right information. For now Google Assistant is only available in Android 6.0+ devices. You can get it to work after updating the Google App and Google Play Services app. Followings are some of the things can your Google Assistant can do.

  •  Play Music
You can ask your Google Assistant to play you your music. Say "OK Google" followed by "play some music," "play some Jazz," "play some workout music" etc. If you have many music players installed, it will ask you to select a app to play the music. But if this will not work in your Xperia you can just say open "Music App".

  • Watch something on Netflix
To open Netflix and start watching, say "OK Google" followed by what you want to watch: "Watch Iron Fist on Netflix." This will open Iron Fist on Netflix.

  •  Set Alarms
You can ask your Google Assistant to set the alarm for you. Just say "OK Google" and next "set an alarm...", "wake me up at 6 am",.

  • Listen to News
To get news just touch and hold the home button on your Xperia and say "international news". You'll get the weather, upcoming meetings, a news narration, etc. You don't have to say "OK Google" all the time.

  • Ask about your day 
 You can ask your Assistant to say a brief about the day. Just you need to say "Good Morning." You'll get the weather, upcoming meetings, a news narration, etc.,

  • Know about your Weather
You can know about your climate from your Google Assistant. Say "OK Google" followed by "How's Weather" or "What about my weather" or "Is it Raining."

  • Ask a Question
You can ask any general question from your Google Assistant. say "OK Google" and then ask any question, such as "who is Bill Gates" etc

  • Find stuffs nearby
To find stuffs like restaurants, hotels etc nearby you can say "OK Google" followed by commands like "find a restaurant", "nearby events", "nearby hotel". Sometimes you may need to turn on your location too to get a precise reading.

  • Find stuff while traveling
You can also find things while traveling. Say "OK Google" followed by "hotels in Boston," "restaurants in Barcelona" etc.

  • Do Real-time Translations
 To ask Assistant to do real-time translations for you, say "OK Google" followed by "'Hello' in Portuguese," "'Thank you' in Chinese," "What's 'Good morning' in Hindi," or "Translate 'airport' to Russian" etc.

  • Place a Call
To place a call, you can say "Call Father," "Call Mother," "Make a call" etc. If you say, the words like call mother, father, sister and there are no contact with such names you can assign a contact for your mother, sister or father.

  • Send a Message
To send me a text, you can say "Text Father," "Text Mother," "Send a Text" etc. then you can tell the message content and then send it or cancel it.

  • Set Timers
 To set a timer by asking Google Assistant, you can say "OK Google" followed by "set a timer," "countdown 1 minute", "start a timer for 10 mins", or "set a timer for 5 minutes", etc.

  • Open Apps
You can also open the installed app on your Xperia. To open Album you can say "Open Album". To open Facebook app just say "Open Facebook". You just need to say Open and the app name.

  • Search something in Play Store
 You also can search for something in the play store by asking Google assistant. So if you want to explore games, you can say "search games in Play Store." Then it will open the play store and start searching.
  • Search Google
To search something on google you can say something like "Search Xperia" or if you say just the "Xperia" Google assistant will ask us that if we want to search it in google.

  • See Your Emails
You can use google assistant to read you emails now. By saying "show me my emails," you can get the least emails on the assistant screen.

  • Navigate anywhere
 This is a cool feature. You can talk with google assistant while you're driving and get the direction. You can say "Navigate Home", "Navigate Work", "Drive to Home", "Drive to work" etc. Then the Assistant will give your the latest directions with your current position.

  • Unlock your Xperia
You can use Google assistant to unlock your device too. To do this, you have to add a trusted voice in the Smart Lock settings. When the screen is lock & when you say "OK Google" it will recognize your voice and unlock your Xperia.

  • Fetch Screen Information
To get some information about the things on your screen, you can touch and hold your home button and then say "Whats on my screen". Then Google Assistant will search the things related to your screen.

  • Take a Selfie
You can launch your camera by saying "take a selfie". This will open your camera. In pixel devices, this will open your front camera and start a 3 2 1 countdown.  Sometimes may not work with Xperia devices.

  • Flip a Coin
The universal method of decision making. Say "OK Google" and then "toss a coin". Google Assistant will toss that coin and let you know if it's heads or tails.

  • Currency Conversions
To quickly convert currencies you can say as an example USD to EUR. It will display the current rate of the currencies.

  • Remember Something
Think that your are in a situation that you need to write down something, but you don't have a pen or paper near by. Now with Google Assistant you don't need to worry. Google assistant will remember every word your say. You just need to say "Remember" and say anything. You can access these later by saying "What did i ask you to remember". Google assistant will show the them with the date they were created.

  • Activate Toggles
You can ask google assistant to turn on and off things like, Flashlight, Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC etc. You just have to say "Turn on Flashlight" etc.

  • Get a Random Number
You can ask Google Assistant to give you a random number. Say "OK Google" (or hold down the Home button) followed by "tell me a random number". What comes next may surprise you.

  • Play a game
To ask Assistant to play a game, simply say "OK Google" (or hold down the Home button) followed by "play a game". Then Assistant will show you some games.

OK. There are lot more new features in Google Assistant. You can check the above features with your Google Assistant now. So if you like the article you can comment your ideas in the comment section and share the article. Stay tuned with XperiBlog.

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