Xperia Home 10.0.A.0.30 with Tap2Sleep for Non Rooted Devices

You may all know that Xperia Marshmallow has been rolled-out to Xperia Z2, Z3, Z3+ and Z5 series. The Xperia Home launcher on the Marshmallow build quite interesting with many features. Some features are the ability to add custom icons packs, change transition effects, and the best thing is the double tap to sleep feature. Previously an XDA member has ported the Xperia home launcher from the marshmallow beta build. But to use that you needed root. But to this Home launcher was extracted from an Official Xperia Marshmallow build by XDA member "tetsuo55" and it was made suitable for non rooted devices by XDA member "Dadovvv". I am telling you again this Home launcher works on Non Rooted Devices.

You just need to download the apk and install it as a regular app. This will do no harm to you current Xperia Home launcher as this does not replace the current launcher. So this will install as a new Xperia launcher. Install this and go to settings and then to Home, Select the new Xperia Home as Always. Thats it.
I think now you have a chance to taste the marshmallow Home Launcher without rooting or loosing the current launcher.

With the use of the double tap to sleep feature now don't need the power button to lock and sleep your device, just double tap on a blank space on you home screen and see what happens.

There are some defects such as the SMS badges and some widgets are not supported by the launcher. So download the launcher from the below link. Comment Your ideas about the new laucnher

Xperia Home 10.0.A.0.30 Xperia Home 10.0.A.0.30
Xperia Home 10.0.A.0.30 Xperia Home 10.0.A.0.30
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