Stamina Mode to come back later on Marshmallow Officially

Users who are tasting Marshmallow had found that the Stamina mode was removed from the marshmallow update. So there were many complains to Sony Mobile about this. At the time Sony Mobile had given instructions to the user to use the Doze that is the default power saving mode on Marshmallow. The main change between the Doze and Stamina is that Doze is activated after the inactivity of the mobile for at-least one hour. Personally I liked Stamina Mode. Stamina Mode has been on Xperia Smartphones starting from 2013 which preserves battery life by reducing the background activities.
After many complains, now Sony Developers who has been developing Marshmallow Beta program has officially confirmed that they will add the Stamina Mode to the to Marshmallow starting from the Marshmallow Beta program.
Great news. One of the most requested features is coming back to your Xperia running Marshmallow: Stamina mode.
We don’t have a release schedule yet, but the feature will be definitely available for members of the Xperia Beta Program in the near future.
We would like to thank you for your patience and constant feedback. Your voice is essential for the development of a better software.
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