Music 9.1.6.A.0.1 Stable brings Delete Songs from Search & Throw from Cast

Sony Mobile has updated their Music app to stable version 9.1.6.A.0.1 which brings many new features. This will replace the previous stable channel build 9.1.4.A.0.3 from the new build 9.1.6.A.0.1. This new build brings an ability to delete songs directly from the search results. I guess this ability isn't available in the latest beta build. Also now the throw functionality can be accessed through the cast button. As always there are bug fixes and performance ehancements. See the full change-log below.
  • Throw functionality can now be accessed through Cast button
  • Now possible to delete songs directly from search results
  • Play queue in landing page can now be scrolled horizontally
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements.
Update is currently live on Google Play. You can also download and install it manually from the below link

Download APK Here
Music 9.1.6.A.0.1 Music 9.1.6.A.0.1
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