Album 7.6.A.0.6 Stable brings Revamped Icon & Dark theme

Sony Mobile has updated their Album app to version 7.6.A.0.6 stable which brings new things. So this will replace the previous stable build 7.4.A.1.22 from the new stable build 7.6.A.0.6. This is just difficult to spot, but Sony has changed the launcher icon of the album app. Folded image of the icon has been unfolded in this new build. Major thing that this new stable update brings is the dark theme. So now all the album users can change their theme to dark again. The dark theme was brought to the beta users previously on the 7.6.A.0.0beta build. Update is live on Google play right now.

Download APK Here
Album 7.6.A.0.6 Album 7.6.A.0.6
Album 7.6.A.0.6 Album 7.6.A.0.6
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