Music App Updated to 9.1.3.A.1.0beta - Brings Metadata 2.0

Sony Mobile has updated beta version of their Music App to 9.1.3.A.1.0beta. So this will replace the previous beta build 9.1.2.A.1.0beta with the new version 9.1.3.A.1.0beta. The new update consists only with a new feature called the Metadata 2.0. It looks like Metadata 2.0 is a new way to download music info and album art. This is more accurate than the previous version. This new beta also consists all the changes that are included in the stable version 9.1.3.A.0.0 which will start to roll soon. As always there are bug fixes and performance enhancements. See the full change log below.
  • Metadata 2.0
  • Everything from 9.1.3.A.0.0
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements
So download this new beta from the below link and give it a try. Comment your ideas below on the comment section. 
Download APK Here

Music 9.1.3.A.1.0beta Music 9.1.3.A.1.0beta
Music 9.1.3.A.1.0beta Music 9.1.3.A.1.0beta
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