Sony AR Effect App Updated to 4.1.5 - More New Features

Sony Mobile has updated their AR Effect app to version 4.1.5 with more new features. This will replace the previous 4.0.8 from the new 4.1.5 version.  So in this update we can see some new amazing features such as the addition of a girl fairy to the fairy theme. So now we can shoot photos with a girl fairy from the AR Effect app. Also in the dinosaur theme Sony has added new thrills and dinosaurs. the best feature from this update is when we pan the camera to a side AR world will be expanded around you automatically. As always there are bug fixes and performance enhancements. See the full change log below.
  • New thrills in the Dinosaur theme - Pteranodon and Triceratops added.
  • Fairy tale theme got even cuter with the addition of a girl fairy.
  • Pinch -in/out in your view finder to resize 3D objects.
  • Move or zoom in/out on 3D objects and get your best shot in the AR world.
  • Slowly pan the camera and see your AR world expand around you.
  • Never miss a new AR theme - get notified when new themes are available.
As we can see from the change log when a new theme arrives you will receive a notification to download it. The update is live on Google Play right now.

Download APK Here

AR Effect 4.1.5 AR Effect 4.1.5

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