Sony is Working on a New Revamped Xperia UI - Beta Available In Sweden

Sony mobile is right now working on a new Android Concept software build for Sony Xperia Smartphones. Sony Developers says that this new concept Android Software brings a “fresh take on the Sony user experience”. By looking at the rumors about this concept we can think this looks like it will not go to the next Major Android Update, but we can expect a whole change in the Xperia UI or the Xperia Home that we are using so far.

The Good news is that Sony Xperia Z3 users who are in Sweden can evaluate this new concept by joining a select beta. This will bring users to test the new concept software completely and provide quick feedback to Sony Mobile. The beta will take place between 27 July and 13 September 2015. If you are in Sweden and you are like to signup & evaluate to this beta Concept Click Here

We are waiting to hear more about this. So stay Tuned with XperiBlog. Maybe we can get this new Concept Software with the release of the Sony's Next Flagship Device. (May be Xperia Z5)

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