Xperia Z3+ to Help Sony Mobile in Taiwan

Today everyone knows Sony's Mobile Division is not doing very well as they thought like the rising success of Samsung & LG. Sony has struggled a little in North America and also in Western Europe. In some parts of Asia somehow Sony brand is well respected. In Japan Sony’s Xperia line of devices are some of the biggest sellers in the country. Also, Taiwan is a Big Deal of Sony Mobile. Xperia Z3+ will help to Boost its already healthy market in Taiwan.

Well, According to a recent DigiTimes report, Sony Mobile hold around 25% or so of the higher-end sector of the smartphone market in Taiwan. As you know, the current new Xperia smartphones like Xperia M4 Aqua have become big sellers for the Sony brand in Taiwan, and the New Flagship smartphone Xperia Z3+ is said to increase their market share. As Xperia Z3 & Xperia Z3+ are identical from the physical side users, have not used to upgrade their devices from Xperia Z3 to Xperia Z3+. But with the Xperia Z3+ Sony Taiwan expects to increase its market share to 40% of the high-end Android market in Taiwan. So it seems like Sony has big plans for markets that are proofing lucrative for them already

Samsung's recent failure in Japan could be an advantage and an example for Sony, As Sony is a company that struggled to make a significant presence in the United States, the best market for big brands. Samsung seems to be failed to sell devices in Japan even without their Samsung Logo in the back of the new Models Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge. If Sony is focused on the market which already they have the control they can increase their share, else they also will face the failure of Samsung. Xperia Z3+ is an outstanding device. But the heat problem sucks. But surely the future smartphones will be a big deal.

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