Balloon Photo(beta) Updated to a Beta By Sony

Sony released the “Voice balloon photo” app in March 2014. But since then we did not have seen even a single update to the App “Voice balloon photo.” But surprisingly Sony has released a beta version of the Balloon Photo App to users to check with the new features before adding them to the Voice balloon photo Stable version. So a changelog has not been still published over the original app
So if you need to try the beta
Get it From Google Play Store

Download Apk Here

Notes By Sony
Please note that a network connection is required for voice recognition. Optionally you may download an offline dictionary for voice recognition.
These are the steps for downloading the offline dictionary:
  1. Launch your device's "Settings" app
  2. Select "Language and input."
  3. Tap the settings icon next to "Google Voice Typing" or tap "Google Voice Typing" if you are on Android 5.0 or higher
  4. Tap "Offline Speech Recognition"
  5. Tap "All" and then tap your desired language do download it
Let's take photos
  1. Launch balloon photo(beta)
  2. On viewfinder, voice recognition is running continuously. Let's talk at your desired timing.
  3. Every time the device succeeds in recognizing words, speech balloon will appear.
  4. Tap the camera key to take photos at your desired timing.
Let's select a photo
  1. Tap Editor button on the viewfinder, then photo selector screen is launched. You can also launch it directly from the launcher.
  2. Select a photo to be combined with a speech balloon. 
Let's save a photo with balloon

    1.Edit balloons
  • Move balloon: Drag balloon.
  • Edit text of balloon: Tap balloon and then tap pencil button at the left top
  • Delete balloon: Tap balloon and then tap X button at the right top 
  • Add new balloon: Tap the right bottom button on editor screen, then input words.
   2. Tap the save button at right center on the editor screen. Then the photo with speech balloons is saved.

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