Xperia Home updated to 10.2.A.3.21beta - Bug fixes

Sony Mobile has update their Xperia Home application to version 10.2.A.3.21beta. So this will replace the previous version 10.2.A.3.20beta. As we see the build number this new update only consists with the bug fixes. After the 10.2.A.3.20beta update many users had the following issues. Many users of the beta community has reported these bugs.
  • Bottom row of icons could incorrectly appear in the center of the screen
  • Home screen could sometimes overlap the navigation bar and the system status bar.
With this update all the above bugs has been fixed. You can download the apk from below links.

Download APK Here Screenshots
Xperia 10.2.A.3.21beta Xperia 10.2.A.3.21beta
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