Xperia Home Updated to 10.2.A.2.31beta - Icon Size reintroduced

Sony Mobile has pushed an update for their Xperia Home application with the build number 10.2.A.2.31beta which re brings a requested feature which was disappeared after the addition of grid size. With this new update now you can change the icon size again. Also many users reported that after updating to Android 7.0 Nougat some icons were duplicated even more than once (mostly the download icon). In this updated Sony Mobile has brought a fix to the problem. So if you are affected by the problem here is how to get rid of your duplicates:
  1. Change App tray sort order to "Own order".
  2. In the folder that contains duplicate icons, completely empty the folder (by moving out all app icons) so the folder disappears.
  3. Restart your device. 
As always there are many bug fixes and performance enhancements in the update. You can download the apk for manual installation from the below link.

Download APK Here Screenshots
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