Software Update app 3.2.0.A.0.10 brings New UI Improvements

Sony Mobile updated their software update app to 3.2.0.A.0.10 which brings many new UI improvements. So this will replace the previous build number 3.2.0.A.0.7 from the new build number 3.2.0.A.0.10.  At first with the new update previous circle shaped download button has changed to a square shaped download button. Check the screenshots to get an idea. Also the positions of the thumbnails of the update list has been changed again. Previously the position was in the right side. Now it has been changed to left side again. Check the screenshots to get some idea. As always there are bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Download APK Here Screenshots
Software Update app 3.2.0.A.0.10 Software Update app 3.2.0.A.0.10

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