XperiFirm updated to 5.0.0 - Adds Download Que & Resuming Support

XperiFirm developer Igor Eisburg has updated the Sony Mobile firmware downloader, XperiFirm to version 5.0.0 which brings many required features. If firmware updates don't arrive for our devices we definitely uses the XperiFirm application to download the right firmware for our devices. But from the beginning there was no download resuming support on XperiFirm. Guess what, with this new update you can even resume the incomplete or corrupted downloads. You just need to click start and Xperifirm will will attempt to resume, but for large firmware it takes some time to resume.

Apart from the resuming support, Download Que is also a new feature comes with the new update. Now you can add more than one downloads which is saved on our computer and loaded on launch. As always there are bug fixes and performance enhancements. See the full change log below.
  • - NEW: Download management, including a download queue that's saved on your computer and loaded on launch.
  • - NEW: Resuming feature, including checksum verification and automatic re-download of incomplete/corrupted chunks. Just click "Start" and the download will attempt to resume (for large firmware, the resuming might take a while).
  • - MINOR: Better error handling and prevention.
  • - MINOR: Settings: "Play a sound when a download completes"
  • - NOTE: "Manual" button and "Unpack automatically" are both obsolete, thus were removed in this version. Firmware will always be unpacked. 
Download XperiFirm Here Screenshots

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