Album 7.7.A.0.8 Stable brings Fast Scrollbar to all

Sony Mobile has updated their Album app to version 7.7.A.0.8 stable which brings new things. So this will replace the previous stable build 7.6.A.0.6 from the new stable build 7.7.A.0.8. About a month ago Sony Mobile added a new feature to the Album beta application called the fast scroll bar. As it is on the beta application it is limited to some users. But today Sony Mobile has brought the same feature to the stable version of Album app with the build number 7.7.A.0.8. This new fast scroll-bar is available on the side of the screen edge which makes it easier to move through the contents more quickly. Apart from the fast scroll bar there are bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Download APK Here
Album 7.7.A.0.8 Stable Album 7.7.A.0.8 Stable
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