Xperia Z5 Premium to come in Pink Color Officially

Recently there were some rumors that said Sony will be going to a Pink color Xperia Z5 Premium. Today Sony Mobile has officially launched the Xperia Z5 Premium Pink as expected. The new color may have the design of the chrome version which as the mirror effect other than the Black and Gold models.

Xperia Z5 Premium Pink will be available in select countries only from beginning of May. So stay tuned.
Designer, Murai-san talked about the Xperia Z5 Premium Pink, saying “The colour was first created for Xperia Z5 Pink and the hue also lent itself well to the finish of the Z5 Premium. As with other Z5 Premium devices we wanted to give an expression of light, so we adapted the colour to the Z5 Premium’s materials, the result is a deeper, rich tone due to its glossy finish – the perfect complement to its Premium name tag. The colour is also one of the trend colours for 2015AW-2016SS, so Xperia customers can tailor their look and colour co-ordinate their phone and outfits with the latest fashion trends.”

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