Music Updated to 9.1.6.A.2.1beta - Adds Genres

Sony Mobile has updated their Music beta app to version 9.1.6.A.2.1beta which brings new features. This will replace the previous beta channel build 9.1.6.A.1.1beta from the new build 9.1.6.A.2.1beta. Main feature included in this latest beat update is Genres, allowing us to views our songs which are categorized to the genres. As Sony describes this as a “very limited first draft”we can guess that soon they will add the capability to edit the genres. Also now you can download the music info in a single track mode. in the previous builds some users reported there were crashes when suing Chromecast. this is fixed now in this build. As always there are bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Download APK Here
Music 9.1.6.A.2.1beta Music 9.1.6.A.2.1beta

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