Album Updated to Stable 7.4.A.1.22 - Supports Google Cast; Brings Album Assistance

Sony Mobile has updated their Album app to stable 7.4.A.1.22 which brings some new improvements. So this will replace the previous version 7.3.A.0.4 from the new stable version 7.4.A.1.22. This new update brings the support for Google cast for all the Album users. It was brought to the beta version in the build 7.4.A.1.16. Now with this update all the album users can enjoy their TV life.

Also this update brings the new feature Album assistance “find and fix problems” in setting menu in case you have viewing trouble in Album which was brought by the beta build 7.4.A.1.16 in the first place. Also Sony Mobile has improved quick access to Rotate right, left and 180 degrees from the rotate option. As always there are bug fixes and performance enhancements.
Update is currently live on Google Play.

Download APK Here

Album 7.4.A.1.22 Album 7.4.A.1.22
Album 7.4.A.1.22 Album 7.4.A.1.22
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