Xperia M2 Camera Quality Comparison - 18.6.A.0.182 Vs 18.6.A.0.175

So I am guessing that most of the Xperia M2 users are now on the new firmware 18.6.A.0.182. In the previous firmware with the build number 18.6.A.0.175 which is the Android 5.1.1 update of Xperia M2 had devastated camera, in other word camera looked like crap. So users posted review on Sony Mobile forum and Sony Mobile officially announced that they will give a fix to the camera with the next update. The update rolled out about a week ago. The fact is that the camera is better than before. You can understand it better by looking at the picture below which was taken before the update and after the update. Photo credit goes to Sergio Castell (linuxct) from XDA Developers....

Near Object - Before

Near Object  - After

Not So Near Object - Before

Not So Near Object - After

Computer Screen - Before

Computer Screen - After

Garden - Before

 Garden - After

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