Sony Music Updated to Stable 9.0.4.A.0.0 - Light Theme to All

Sony Mobile has updated their Music Application to version 9.0.4.A.0.0 stable. So this moves from the build number 9.0.3.A.0.2 to version 9.0.4.A.0.0. This new update has many new improvements such as the light theme which were brought by the beta channel update 9.0.3.A.1.0beta . So from this new update every user has the chance to taste the new white interface. Also from the new update music app can show the default album art when there is no album art. See the full changelog below.
  • White theme to align look and feel between media apps.
  • Automatic default art used when no album art is available.
  • In-app support link.
  • Various bug fixes
Update is live on the Google Play. Also you can download the APK below.

Donwload APK Here

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