New Firmware 23.4.A.1.236 Rolling for Xperia Z2/Z3 series on Vodafone in Europe

Recently a new firmware with the build number 23.4.A.1.236 was certified for Xperia Z3/Z2 series about a week ago. Today the same firmware with the build number 23.4.A.1.236 is rolling out for the Xperia Z2 series and Xperia Z3 series. But foe now update is live on Vodafone in Europe only. This compares to the current version 23.4.A.1.232.

We thought that this update will bring a full fix for the stagefright exploit. But we thought wrong, this firmware update also doesn't have a full fix (Specially for  CVE-2015-6602). Update is live for the Xperia Z3 (D6603), Xperia Z3 Compact (D5803), Xperia Z2 (D6503) and Xperia Z2 Tablet (SGP521).

Thanks Samuel
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