Sony Sketch App Updated to 6.3.A.0.6 - Better FB Messenger Integration

Sony Mobile has Updated their Sketch app to version 6.3.A.0.6 with new features. This will replace the previous version 6.2.A.0.4 with the new version 6.3.A.0.6. See the change log below
  • Better Facebook messenger integration
  • Better user interface when selecting stickers
  • New crop tool when starting with an image
  • Sketch now has a web page:
  • Bug fixes 
In the previous update Sony has integrated Facebook messenger in to the Sketch App. But there were some bug and the bug have been fixed in this new update. Sony has also made a webpage for the Sketch app as

Download APK Here


Sketch 6.3.A.0.6 Sketch 6.3.A.0.6
Sketch 6.3.A.0.6 Sketch 6.3.A.0.6

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