Xperia Z3+ Fanta Freeze Test - Will It Survive? - See Yourself

We've spotted a video on Youtube which is a test for Xperia Z3+. This is amazing. Have your ever wondered what would happen to your Sony Xperia Z3+ when frozen in Fanta for over 5 hours? Will it survive the harsh conditions?

Xperia Z3+ which is the newest handset of Xperia Z series has very impressive waterproof and dust resistant an impressive IP65/68 ingress protection rating. This phone was tested in a Fanta freeze test to find out whether it would survive for more than 5 hours of freezing.

Firstly Xperia Z3+ is charge at 100% of battery and submerged in a container with full of fanta, while the display is turned on. But nothing happed. Touchscreen seems to be not responding inside fanta. Then the Container with the Fanta and Xperia Z3+ is inserted in to a Freezer for 5 hours. See the video yourself and reveal what happened to Xperia Z3 after 5 Hours

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