Sony Xperia™ Lounge Gets Updated to 3.1.7

Sony's Xperia Lounge app gets updated to version 3.1.7 over the previous 3.1.6. This update has brought the same bug fixes and performance enhancements & also another few changes as below

  • Now it is Easier than ever to become Gold or Silver
  • Users no longer required to log back in after updating
  • Performance enhancements and bug fixes
Download Apk Here

Xperia Lounge is the ticket for you to a world of entertainment where you can get exclusively tailored videos, Offers, competitions, that cant but with money. You can enjoy a large offering of movies, music, sport, tips, apps, and games that are specially for you.

All Sony Xperia users can get a reward with access to the silver and gold tiers which can get even more personalized views, great content and more. Undoubtedly don't miss out simply log in to a Silver.GOld tagged content within the app or select the drawer menu from the right to log in.

For all the Non-Xperia Android devices Sony has a web application that you can access to Xperia lounge via So don't miss if you are not an Xperia user.

Sony Xperia™ Lounge Gets Updated to 3.1.7 Sony Xperia™ Lounge Gets Updated to 3.1.7 Reviewed by Yasiru Nayanajith on 7:11:00 PM Rating: 5