Sony Sketch App Updated to 6.2.A.0.4 - Intergrated FB Massenger

Sony Mobile has Update their Sketch app to version 6.2.A.0.4 with new features. This will replace the previous version 6.2.A.0.1 with the new version 6.2.A.0.4. See the change log below
  • Bucket fill
  • Smudge tool
  • Improved photo import
  • Thinner brushes
  • Facebook Messenger integration
  • Bugfixes 
Bucket Fill, Smudge tool, Improved photo import & Thinner brushes were improved as they were added from the previous version. Facebook Messenger integration is a new feature that comes only from this new version. And as always this version is also consists with Bug fixes and performance enhancements. The Update is Live on Google Play Store

Download APK Here


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