Brazilian Police Recovered a Stolen Xperia C5 Ultra Prototype

Today we heard an Interesting story about a Xperia C5 Ultra Prototype. This is associated to Brazil. It appears one of  Xperia C5 Ultra Prototype was stolen from a certification forum on 17 July, an the thief was trying to sell in on a site like eBay (a marketplace). This Xperia C5 Ultra Prototype was valued at US$12m. Brazilian Police said that this prototype was recovered and the thief was arrested.

The Investigating Officer
“We started researching and found the Facebook page, then we expressed an interest in buying the device. We set in a diner called Baron Gerard. He was there, he took the phone out and we arrested the suspect red-handed,”

Certification company was worried about the leak and it will be cost about US$893 when an unannouced Smartphone hits the market. From the below picture you can see Xperia C5 Ultra has bezel-less sides and a front-facing flash. This Proves that the recent rumors about Xperia C5 Ultra are true.

Via XperiaBlog
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