Sony Folding@Home App Updated to 1.00.51 - Updated UI

Sony Folding@Home app has been updated to 1.00.51. This replaces the previous version 1.00.40 from the new 1.00.51. This app makes donations to several diseases. This app uses the Processing power of installed devices and the WiFi connection of the smartphone to help to find the cures of the world’s most prevalent diseases.

Protein folding research requires an incredible amount of processing power to simulate the intricate movements of proteins as they change shape. Every time someone uses this App they are helping with the smartphone's processing power to this world-changing program of research and in the process. This allows scientists to understand the cause of major diseases.

There are many changes in the Updated app as follows.
  • User can contribute to processing time continuously. Just connect to a WiFi network and a wall or wireless charger.
  • Completely updated user interface
  • Users can log in to Google Game Services, earn collaboration achievements, compete against his / her friends in processing time.
  • User can collaborate processing time from multiple devices under the same Google Game Services account.
  • The settings screen has been removed. No need to configure anything! (Users are responsible by keeping WiFi enabled if he/she wants to collaborate processing time.)
  • Details about the currently selected research type can be queried by touching the Research Type title on the main screen, or by choosing “Active Research” on menu
As above, changes include the new user interface with an on/off switch allows us to contribute whenever we want to help. Also if you're going to contribute to this research you must be connected to a charger, be fully charged (100%) and also be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

The fantastic feature of the new update is now the app has Google Play Achievements. You can sign into Google Play Games to see the achievements and leaderboards against our friends. But there's a catch, if you've used this app previously, none of the contributions you made so far are taken into achievements.  You have to start fresh from the update.


Via Sony Mobile Blog

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