Xperia Z3+ Overheating Causes Camera App To Crash in Seconds

Recently some of the Xperia Z3+ (Global version of Xperia Z4 exclusive to Japan) users had reported about the overheating problem on the device, and Sony Mobile confirmed a fix via a Software Update. Now according to the new user reports, Xperia Z3+ gets very hot when using the camera for more extended periods while playing massive games. Because of the heat, the camera app automatically closes with a pop-up message that the device needs to cool.

Camera App is closed only in specifically in a few intensive modes. AndroidPit's Kris Carlon has discovered that the Xperia Z3+ camera app crashes while using augmented reality mode or 4K mode within few seconds.

"Even if you've just been playing a hi-res game or doing a benchmark, if you go to the camera app an overheating warning will pop up after a few seconds, and the camera app will crash a few seconds later," Carlon notes. The pop-up reads, "Note: The device temperature is rising. If it continues to rise, the app will close automatically." Just before killing the app, another message shows up, saying, "Note: Camera will turn off temporarily to cool down."

AndroidPit's Kris Carlon has recorded the screen of the crash. His camera app crashed from up to three seconds to a minute after showing a notification popup for the heating issue. After Carlon contacting Sony, they said they are working on a software fix soon.

See the Video of the Crash

Earlier Sony Netherlands said they have recognized the problem & Sony Japan is working on a firmware patch for the Xperia Z3+. As a temporary fix sony recommended to the users to turn off the device multiple times during a day.

Sony is not the only handset maker that has faced problems with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 chipset. LG has faced issues with G Flex 2. Also, HTC faced the same overheating problem in the HTC One M9. But they were all fixed by a software patch by them.

So Definitely sony will get a Software fix to the Handsets for the overheating problem.


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