New Updates Rolls For Xperia E4g (25.0.A.2.14) and E4g Dual (25.0.B.2.14)

E4g (25.0.A.2.14)

Sony Mobile has rolled a new update for Xperia E4g from build number 25.0.A.1.42 to 25.0.A.2.14. The new Android 4.4.4 KitKat update brings some performance enhancements and bug fixes (the multitouch bug should now be fixed Permenanetly)

Xperia E4g Dual also has got a Firmware Update Moves from build number 25.0.B.1.42 to 25.0.B.2.14. The updates are live across all variants of the Xperia E4g series and across most regions, so check PC Companion & XperiFirm for the latest software. Thanks.

E4g (25.0.A.2.14)

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